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—The One Ingredient Diet in Three Simple Steps—

The One Ingredient Diet is a simple answer to our world of out-of-control processed food. This common-sense guideline is easy enough for a first-grader to understand, but powerful enough to save lives – eat plant-based foods that start out as one whole ingredient:

Eat Plant-Based Foods…

A plant-based (vegan) diet has been shown to reverse heart disease, lower weight, reduce the risk of cancers, and improve health in so many ways. It can be a great step towards a healthier lifestyle, and as the recipes here show, you never have to sacrifice taste.

…That Start Out As…

“One Ingredient” is about so much more than just plain spinach and handfuls of blueberries. These foods need only to start out as one whole ingredient. After that, they can be combined & cooked into delicious meals that just happen to be incredibly healthy as well.

…One Whole Ingredient

By eating foods that have just one ingredient on the label, you automatically cut out virtually all processing and additives. Just read the package and if it says, “ingredients: brown rice” go for it. But if it has a list of 300 mono-sodium-whatevers, forget it.

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