Hey guys! For a while now I’ve been exploring how best to incorporate videos into my recipes, and I’m excited to share the first ever One Ingredient Chef recipe video in this post! The normal recipe ingredients and steps are still here, but I also did a quick video for this one (how to make cold brew coffee concentrate). This is just a start, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new format. If you have any suggestions or would like to see more of this in the future, let me know! You can watch right here and the normal recipe is below:

If you haven’t gotten on the cold brew train yet, it’s coffee that’s brewed at room temperature for about 12 hours, which creates the smoothest, sweetest cup of coffee you’ve ever had. The tannins and bitterness are nowhere to be found and it’s super delicious. Of course, you can buy this for $4 a cup at Starbucks, but you can also make your own at home for a fraction of the cost and it’s impossibly easy – just combine the coffee and water into a pitcher, wait, strain the grounds through a cheesecloth, and serve with equal parts water.

Makes: 4 cups of concentrate / 8 cups of coffee


  • 4 cups filtered water
  • Ice, for serving

1. Combine 4 parts water and 1 part coffee in a large jar or pitcher. Medium roast, medium grind coffee works well.

2. Let the mixture steep at room temperature for 12 hours, stir/shake once or twice if possible.

3. Strain through cheesecloth or filter and return to the pitcher. Store refrigerated & sealed for up to a week.

4. To serve, mix with equal parts water, pour over ice and top with your favorite non-dairy creamer or you can make my cashew milk recipe, which is perfect in this coffee.