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Vitamix Blender

Why would anyone want to spend over $500 on a blender? I remember when I first bought my Vitamix and I thought it was totally crazy. Now, I simply could not live without it. Over 25% of all recipes on this website require a high-quality blender like this one. From soups to smoothies, puddings to pie crusts, my Vitamix is the only thing in my kitchen that is truly indispensable. With a 7 year warranty and so much versatility, one investment in a Vitamix will pay dividends year after year.

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The One Ingredient Chef Food Photography Course

With my Basic Food Photography course, you can quickly learn to take stunning food photos even if you’ve never picked up a camera or never styled a plate of food. This comprehensive 27-lesson video course starts at square one to teach you everything I’ve learned about taking food photos that get noticed around the web. Regardless of your goals or experience level, this course is guaranteed to help you shoot and share more delicious pictures of food.

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Recommended Books & Films

Books are everything to me. So much of what I learn comes through the books I read. To share some of my all-time favorite resources that have had the biggest impact on my life, I setup a collection on with books, cookbooks, and documentary films that have made me a healthier and more knowledgable plant-based cook:

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